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Our products


PSIM software is a strategic tool that can make major security improvements. The transition to GUARDIAN represents a saving in terms of time and costs, facilitating the work of the operators and improving the general level of safety of an environment.

Logital is able to offer automated systems for paid and non-paid parking, from the most important manufacturers on the market. Logital offers itself as a 360-degree interface: from design to supply, up to the development of customized solutions for a specific reality.

Access control, whether vehicular or pedestrian, is aimed at optimizing business processes, increasing security levels, streamlining the flows of vehicles and people within an area, improving the User Experience and, why not, one's image. Logital offers a scalable system: based on what is already present in the structure, and on what is really necessary.

Automation of hand baggage control, passenger flow optimization, weight and size control of boarding packages, counting of passenger crossings and parking, Airbeacon baggage tracking, video analysis, supervision and control.

The advent of artificial intelligence on small processing modules has opened up the market to the possibility of performing advanced intelligent analysis on the video streams of common cameras that were unthinkable until a few years ago. The focus of this product is to increase management and monitoring efficiency for aspects such as: Marketing, Security, Digital Signage, Customer Satisfaction, Parking Experience, Video Surveillance, Traffic Analysis…

The Logital Ledwall Display series is based on devices made up of 3-color RGB LEDs capable of reproducing images, texts or videos and programming a specific schedule based on the intended use of the displays.


Initiative and curiosity are the engine that drives us to never stop, innovation is our daily life, the goal is to create something that is of added value for the customer and that makes us proud. We are a team of engineers ready to analyze and implement your request with high technological added value.

Many of Logital's collaborations and products arise from requests for integration and customization, over the years we have never lost the philosophy of System Integrator; each new project is a challenge which, thanks to many years of experience, as well as the advancement of technology, still today allows us to give life to winning solutions and to standardize product lines born from an idea, from a sketched need of a customer, from a light bulb turned on by chance during a meeting.

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