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Logital excellence


With more than 10,000 centralized points in Italy and 30 years of continuous product growth, GUARDIAN ranks as a reference system on the centralization market, moreover it is the first application capable of satisfying all the new market needs in the field of Internet Of Things and Industry 4.0


The module allows the creation of control centers for the monitoring and management of technological devices in the security, CCTV, technological and IOT fields in a simple and intuitive way.


The module is able to interface all the typical video surveillance devices:

- Digital video recorders DVR, NVR

- IP cameras

- Video servers

- Video matrices

Access Controll

Logital offers a scalable system: based on what is already present in the structure, and what is really necessary, we can take care of the different levels of integration, we create custom projects that are an added value for the manager.

Physical security

It is the module dedicated to GUARDIAN security which operates in compliance with CEI 79 regulations, allowing total and bi-directional management of physical security systems

Tenda Romantica

Our Guardian Access suite for the Camping World

LOGITAL: 360° System Integrator

LOGITAL with its skills and its structure is able to respond at 360 degrees to the customer's needs.

The advantages of working with LOGITAL derive from an in-depth knowledge of the sectors of intervention and from the focus of each internal division on customer expectations, as well as from the ability to combine software development skills with the design and programming of embedded hardware.

Some of our partners

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